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About Cookies

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of text that are passed from a web site such as this one to your browser and stored on your computer.  They allow individual web sites to "remember" you and/or your preferences when you come back to the site on future visits.

For instance, if you are a lender and you request notary services online, this web site sends a small bit of text to your browser that contains your contact information that you just filled in.  The next time you come back to our site, your browser passes that same contact information back to our web site.  The web site takes that information and fills in the contact information portion of the request form for you.  This saves you the trouble of re-typing the same contact information each time your order.

Security of Cookies

The information is safe and in your control since it is stored on your computer and is not stored on our web site.  The browser you use only passes cookies back to the same web site that originally passed the cookie to the browser.  So the information that we instruct your browser to store will not be passed to any other web sites.

Cookies Make Browsing Better

You can disallow cookies in your browser settings, but we would not recommend it.  In fact we recommend you enable cookies so your browsing experience is better on all sites you visit.  Most sites that have a "Remember Me" feature use cookies to remember who you are so you don't have to sign in every time you visit them.  Many sites also use cookies to remember you from page to page during your visit.  This allows scenarios such as shopping carts and checkout pages.  Without cookies enabled, many web sites won't work properly.

Viewing Cookies

You can easily view the cookies stored on your computer.  The instructions that follow are different depending on the web browser you use so be sure and follow the appropriate instructions.

Viewing cookies in Internet Explorer
Viewing cookies in Firefox

Enabling or Disabling Cookies

You can allow or disallow the use of cookies.  Again, the instructions vary by browser so be sure and view the correct page for your browser.

Enabling cookies in Internet Explorer
Enabling cookies in Firefox