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Security and Compliance

ATS Document Service Inc has recently implemented and invested in systems that provide better overall security for their network. ATS Document Service Inc has upgraded to a cloud managed firewall solution which has improved features such as content and web search filtering, Google SafeSearch and YouTube blocks, intrusion detection and prevention, and advanced malware protection.

ATS Document Service Inc has also implemented additional network traffic monitoring security. This solution automatically scores the risk of all connections to the network, and blocks those that pose the highest risk of attack. This significantly reduces the risk of successful ransomware, malware, data thefts, or other types of cyber-attacks.

ATS Document Service Inc has continuous network maintenance & monitoring 24/7 by their managed I.T. partner. Data protection and retention is of the upmost importance as their I.T. partner monitors and updates their systems to reduce the risk of internal and external attacks and loss of data. Regular security patches to devices such as routers/firewalls, computers, servers, etc. keeps ATS Document Service Inc’s devices safe, secure, up to date and compliant. ATS Document Service Inc has a robust business continuity solution to secure business data in multiple locations & meet compliancy standards.