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Background Check

All of our notaries must provide a copy of their current background check. Please attach a file containing your background check, preferrably a .pdf file.
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NNA Profile Page

To work for the major title companies, you must be NNA certified. If you are NNA certified, please attach a file containing your NNA profile page, preferrably a .pdf file.
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Agreement and Policies

You must sign the Independent Contractor Agreement and Policies Page below in order to become part of our notary network.  By entering your full name in each box below, you are signing and agreeing to these documents.
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This Agreement made this 28th day of May, 2024, between ATS Documents Service, Inc. ("ATS"), having its principal place of business at 600 E. Ocean Blvd., Unit 1001, Long Beach, CA 90802, and the applicant ("Notary"), having a principal place of business as specified in the application.
  • Independent Notary Status. It is the express intention of the parties that Notary is an independent Notary and not an employee, agent, joint venturer or partner of ATS. Nothing in this agreement shall be interpreted or construed as creating or establishing the relationship of employer and employee between ATS and Notary or any employee or agent of Notary. Both parties acknowledge that Notary is not an employee for state or federal tax purposes. Notary shall retain the right to perform services for others during the term of this agreement.
  • Services to be Performed by Notary. Notary agrees to perform notary services as an independent contractor for a fee to be agreed upon by the parties. Notary shall have the sole right to decline or accept an assignment.
  • Method of Performing Services. Notary will determine the method, details, and means of performing the above-described services. ATS shall have no right to, and shall not, control the manner or determine the method of accomplishing Notary's services except as to deadlines and specific instructions of ATS's clients.
  • Expenses. Notary shall be responsible for all costs and expenses incident to the performance of services for ATS, including but not limited to, all costs of supplies provided by Notary, all fees, fines, licenses, bonds or taxes required of or imposed against Notary and all other of Notary's costs of doing business. ATS shall be responsible for no expenses incurred by Notary in performing services for ATS.
  • Worker's Compensation Insurance. Notary agrees to provide worker's compensation insurance for Notary's employees and agents and agrees to hold harmless and indemnify ATS for any and all claims arising out of any injury, disability, or death of any of Notary's employees or agents.
  • Indemnification of Liability. Notary shall indemnify and hold ATS harmless against any and all liability imposed or claimed, including attorney's fees and other legal expenses, arising directly or indirectly from any act or failure of Notary or Notary's assistants, employees or agents, including all claims relating to the injury or death of any person or damage to any property.
  • Taxes. Notary is responsible for paying all required state and federal taxes and, in particular, ATS will not withhold FICA (Social Security) from Notary's payments, ATS will not make state or federal or unemployment insurance contributions on Notary's behalf; ATS will not withhold state or federal income tax from payment to Notary; ATS will not make disability insurance contributions on behalf of Notary; and ATS will not obtain worker's compensation insurance on behalf of Notary.
  • Governing Law. This agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of California.
Executed at 3:17:47 AM Pacific Standard Time, on the date and year first above written.

ATS Document Service, Inc.

Enter your full name here if you agree: 
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Before the signing:

  • Notify us if you do not receive our Notary Service Request within 15 minutes of the signing being given to you or upon reaching your office.
  • Please call the borrower and confirm the appointment time and signing location as soon as possible after accepting the assignment. Do not wait until you receive the documents. In most instances, you will not receive documents until the day of the signing.
  • If your state requires witnesses, ask the Borrower to have the witnesses present.
  • Do not change the date of a signing without prior permission. Do not change the date of a signing if it is for your convenience. An appointment can be changed only at the request of the borrower and only with prior approval.
  • If the borrower requests a change of time for the signing, notify us so we may notify our client and revise our records. An appointment time may not be changed for your convenience.
  • If you cannot reach the borrower, let us know immediately. Please do not wait until after the appointment time to tell us you were unable to contact the borrower.
  • If an appointment has been preset by our client, and you are unable to confirm the appointment with the borrower, please call us so that we can ask our client if you should keep that appointment.
  • If you do not receive documents, let us know immediately. Please do not wait until after the appointment time to tell us you didn’t have documents.
  • Do not go to the signing without the escrow documents. If they are not in the package, call us.

At the signing:

  • Professional appearance and attitude are very important. Dress appropriately. Arrive on time. Never bring a friend, child or pet to the signing.
  • Before the borrower(s) begin signing, instruct them to sign their name(s) exactly as printed on the documents, even if this is not the way they usually sign.
  • Do not allow the borrower to alter the documents without the express permission of the lender or escrow officer.
  • A notary may only define the title of a document. A notary cannot interpret, give advice or in any way offer an opinion as to the contents of the documents being signed. However, you may direct the borrower to the document containing the information sought by the borrower. Please call the lender and/or escrow officer if the borrower has any questions.
  • The borrower may have been instructed to produce a certified check or copies of various documents at the time of signing. If the Borrower is unable to produce such documents, report this immediately upon checking in.
  • Under no circumstances commit to a funding date. Advise the borrower to call the lender or escrow officer for that information.
  • The documents must be notarized in the presence of the signor.
  • Please review each document to make sure all documents are properly signed, dated and notarized. Be sure to stamp where required and make sure that your stamp is clear and legible. If there is no room for your notary stamp and an Acknowledgment is not provided, please use one of your own. Do not leave the document without notarization.
  • Please make every attempt to call the escrow officer or the lender if the borrower refuses to sign the documents.
  • If the borrower refuses to sign the documents, take both the original and the borrower’s copy with you. Leave the borrower’s copy only if instructed to do so by the lender or escrow officer.

After the signing:

  • If you turn off your cell phone during the signing, please check for messages as soon after leaving the appointment as possible.
  • If there was a problem with the signing and you could not reach anyone from the signing, notify us as soon as you leave the property.
  • Before you return the documents, check them one more time for missed signatures, dates or stamps. They should be returned stacked in the same order in which they are received.
  • Please make every effort to ship the documents the day of the signing. On all signings scheduled for 4:00 p.m. or earlier, the documents must be returned the same day. All documents signed after 4:00 p.m. must be returned the next day. This includes documents signed on Friday. They have to be dropped no later than Saturday. Please make every attempt to drop the documents at a location that is picked up on Saturday.
  • All documents must be returned to the company named on the Notary Service Request. If there is no return envelope provided or if the return information differs from the name on the Service Request, please call ATS for shipping instructions.
  • Do not drop packages in drop boxes. Docs must be dropped at locations that scan the docs immediately.
  • The Completion Report at the bottom of the Notary Service Request must be completed and faxed to ATS no later than 9:00 a.m. on the day following the signing appointment.
  • Notify us if you are called by our client to make an additional trip to the borrower. If we are not the ones to call you, we may not know about the second appointment and can’t bill our client. If we haven’t billed our client for the additional trip, we cannot pay you for it.
3:17:47 AM Pacific Standard Time on May 28th, 2024

ATS Document Service, Inc.

Enter your full name here if you agree: 
Printable Version | Download: Adobe Reader (.pdf) | Microsoft Word (.doc)


This service contract is made and entered between ATS Document Service, Inc,(ATS) and signee (Signing Agent). As a signing agent for ATS, I agree that I will abide by and comply with the following policies:

Any and all information provided by ATS, or its business clients, their affiliated agencies, or their clients are considered proprietary, confidential and/or sensitive and cannot be disclosed to any person or entity that is not directly authorized to participate in the signing orders offered to you by ATS.

  • I understand and certify that I will keep and maintain all information, related to and including any and all client loan applications, loan and closing documents, and personal information including but not limited to addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, driver license numbers, birthdates, etc., confidential and secure, using such degree of care as is appropriate to avoid unauthorized access, use, or disclosure
  • I will not copy, give, or otherwise disclose such information to any other person or entity other than the client, ATS, or the client of ATS unless authorized to do so by the client, ATS, or the client of ATS.
  • All copies or derivations, including any working or archival backups of client information, will be physically and/or electronically destroyed within three (3) days immediately following the end of the signing order date.
  • Notification that all documents have been returned to the client or the client’s representative must be provided to ATS once the documents have left the Signing Agent’s possession.
  • I agree to notify ATS immediately should I become aware of any actual or potential security breech involving unauthorized disclosure, inappropriate access, or loss of business or personal data/information. Signing Agent agrees to fully and completely assist in any investigation resulting from a security breech.
  • I understand that any unauthorized disclosure I make may be basis for disciplinary action affecting future potential work from ATS and/or for civil or criminal penalties under certain circumstances.

By signing this contract the Signing Agent confirms they understand, accept, and shall comply with this policy.

3:17:47 AM Pacific Standard Time on May 28th, 2024

ATS Document Service, Inc.

Enter your full name here if you agree: 

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